Whitestone Foundation commits itself to and supports tangible projects


1. Oncological Rehabilitation Project

Whitestone Foundation supports a programme to restore the quality of life and facilitate professional and social reinsertion for cancer patients.

This programme takes place at the La Corbière Health Centre and proposes to patients, who have finished their chemo and radiation treatments, supportive care and attention in this new stage, so they will have:

– a new life balance,

– more energy,

– self-confidence and trust their own bodies.

Download the ROC programme

2. Support for a workshop in well-being for care-givers

Whitestone Foundation supports a workshop project for care-givers to help them know themselves better and thus be more interactive with patients in compliance with integrative medicine principles

3. General public communication project

Whitestone Foundation would like to roll out a general public communication project on integrative medicine with its institutional partners

We are working on a project in a partnership with stakeholders in insurance as well as institutional partners. This project will have a nationwide scope and target the general public directly.

The aim is to have a maximum number of persons discover how this medicine works.