• Patients and practitioners are partners in the healing process

  • Integrative medicine is based on scientific facts

  • Comprehensive care for individuals

  • La médecine intégrative inclus promotion de la santé et prévention de la maladie


Our Foundation supports concrete projects and public/private partnerships that support the development of integrative medicine (a combination and use of complementary medicine and traditional medicine) both in Switzerland and throughout the world.

We also support and encourage specific training in integrative medicine which is recognised throughout the world.

Lastly, we promote the diversity of therapies included in integrative medicine, and we support political proposals that promote integrative medicine.



The Foundation Board is composed of a minimum of three members.

Length of mandate

A mandate lasts for two years.


To prepare its files, the Foundation Board has established a Foundation Board Committee and an Investment Committee.

Regulations concerning challenges

Foundation advisors must recuse themselves when business that affects their own interests or the interest of physical or moral persons linked to themselves is taking place.

André Marchandise: President of the Board

 Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Symbolical Psychoanalysis

 Mme Arielle Wagner : Member of the Board

Philippe Schaller : Member of the Board

Medical Internist and Faculty Professor