Whitestone Foundation promotes the development of integrative medicine

Integrative medicine couples conventional and complementary therapies that put the patients at the centre of the active healing process, aiming to empower the patient to take an active part of the healing process.

A common point of all definitions of Integrative medicine is the emphasis of the relationship between the patient and the practitioner, a holistic and science-based approach on the person and their life style and environment – not merely the physical body. Integrative medicine focuses on the active healing process, by selecting the appropriate therapeutic approaches whether they are conventional or alternative.


  • Integrative medicine, a route to be healthy once again

  • A global approach to individuals

  • A determination to change the model of care

Realistic practices centred on patients

Medicine that values prevention and promotes health

An approach to persons in their subjective, personal and psychosocial globality

Whitestone Foundation supports concrete projects and public/private partnerships that promote the development of integrative medicine (a combination and use of complementary medicine and traditional medicine) both in Switzerland and throughout the world.